Van Dommelen B.V.
Almost 60 years of professional mobility

Van Dommelen bv is a modern transportation company consisting of two parts:

Van Dommelen Personal Car Services

Executive transportation

Private chauffeurs rental

Luxury buses and coaches

Taxi Van Dommelen

Taxi transportation

Transportation of seniors

Disabled adults

(Disabled) children

School transportation

 Taxi van Dommelen

Almost 60 years they are well-known appearances at Schiphol and in the streets of Amstelveen and Amsterdam: the taxis of Taxi Van Dommelen. Day and night, 7 days a week, Taxi Van Dommelen cares for taxi transportation in, to and from Amstelveen, Aalsmeer, Uithoorn, De Kwakel, Kudelstaart, Schiphol, Amsterdam and other places.

Some strong points:

  • Customer-oriented, friendly, attentive
  • Closest to Schiphol Amsterdam airport of all comparable companies
  • Situated at a crossing of major highroads – hence fast connections with Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven and all parts of the country
  • Close to Amsterdam and Amsterdam Zuidas business area
  • Fixed starting tariff wherever you call us from
  • Special Schiphol Airport-service
  • Highly qualified, representative and multilingual chauffeurs (m/f)
  • Always standby: 7 days per week, 24 hours per day available
  • Booking boeken via or via +31 (0)20 654 02 00

Taxi Van Dommelen is preferred transporter of a growing number of companies which for economic reasons and for the comfort and safety of their co-workers have them transported by a professional taxi.

Interested in our services?

Seniors, children, disabled persons

Taxi Van Dommelen has a long history in transporting seniors, especially if they are not walking well. Vans with a hydraulic lift are available for seniors making use of a wheelchair.

Taxi Van Dommelen is experienced in providing school transportation services for children. Besides is Taxi Van Dommelen specialized in transportation of disabled children and adults between home and school or day care center vice versa. Specially equipped taxis and buses are available. Drivers are very experienced in handling the vulnerable passengers.




Whereas the South West of the Netherlands is enduring the consequences of the flood disaster, in the village of Nieuwer Amstel – halfway between Amsterdam and Schiphol – 26 year old Henk van Dommelen decides to spend some borrowed money on the purchase of a car. He settles himself as driving instructor but soon many fellow villagers appear to appreciate his comfortable vehicle to bring them to places in the neighborhood, like Schiphol. The railway station is closed some years earlier and the only remaining public traffic are the buses of Maarse & Kroon.

There is much expansion around Van Dommelen. Amsterdam at less than 20 km is shooting up, and so does the flower auction at Aalsmeer which is quickly becoming the largest in the world. Nearby, at Schiphol airport, more and more air passengers are coming and going. After an hours or days long flight there is nothing they appreciate more than being brought to their destinations swift as an arrow. Who is better able to do so than Van Dommelen who almost lives at Schiphol and is ready at ungodly hours to pick them up or bring them home?

Executive transport

Executive transport

Young Van Dommelen stops his driving school and applies himself to taxi transportation. Things were not against him. The mayor likes being driven by him in his comfortable car and so do the other local dignitaries. The managers of Van Leer’s Vatenfabriek want be brought to Schiphol by Van Dommelen only. Executive transport before the term existed. Soon Van Dommelen has to buy more cars, certainly when also KLM-crews rely on his services more often. Many crewmembers only reached boarding closure time at Schiphol thanks to Van Dommelen’s driving skills.

Also the municipality Nieuwer Amstel is rapidly growing. More and more well-to-do people from Amsterdam settle in Van Dommelen’s village that gradually loses its rural character and becomes an Amsterdam suburb. In 1964 the name is changed in Amstelveen. More people imply more work, all the more since Van Dommelen also cares for the transport at marriage and funeral ceremonies. There are very few branches where life and death are so close.

A new kind of passenger

A new kind of passenger

The development of air transportation creates a new kind of passenger: the businessman, later also –woman, who preferably does a few meetings a day and flies back home in the evening. He brings a new adage: time is money.

Almost from behind his window Henk van Dommelen can see them coming and going at Schiphol. These are no passengers who are willing to waste their valuable time in public traffic. When the plane lands their vehicle must stand ready to bring them quick and comfortably to everywhere they want to be. Executive or business class transportation is born.

Van Dommelen's fleet of taxi's is extended with limousines driven by first class chauffeurs for executive transport which follow the passenger like a shadow. For greater companies there come luxury buses and coaches.



The demand for mobility is not limited to business people. Beside the need for taxi and executive transportation also the call for transportation of school children and disabled people increases. Travel agencies are continuously looking for bus and coach capacity to move the growing flow of tourists, fair and congress visitors who enter the country via Schiphol.
Henk van Dommelen has then (1989) already passed on the management of the company to Paul Oosting who makes Van Dommelen bv a modern company in which all these transportation specialties are accommodated.

In the first decade of the 21st century the garage is filled with dark blue and black limousines for executive transport, the taxi’s and vans well known from the city scenery and luxury buses and coaches for the transportation of companies.